The landmark study referred to in this article (from Huffington Post, July 2010) absolutely corroborates Danny Dorling’s description in “Injustice: why social inequality persists” of how inequality makes it harder and harder for people to recognise others as human beings (“like themselves”, as we tend to say). BH.

The More CEOs Make, The Worse They Treat Workers, Says A New Study
Huffington Post   |  Nathaniel Cahners Hindman

CEO pay has been blasted for increasing risk to the economy, being out of proportion to ordinary wages and being unrelated to actual company performance. And, according to a new study, a high salary may actually make your company’s CEO meaner. (Hat tip to Harvard Business Review)

In the study’s white paper, “When Executives Rake in Millions: Meanness in Organizations,” professors from Harvard, Rice and the University of Utah argue that rising income inequality between executives and ordinary workers results in “power asymmetries in the workplace such that top executives come to view lower level workers as dispensable objects not worthy of human dignity.”
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